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Conference Program

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Training Courses: September 16, 2014

Two parallel training courses will be offered on the first day of the conference:

Option 1: Introduction to state-and-transition modeling using ST-Sim. This course is designed for those that are new to state-and-transition simulation modeling tools. The course covers state-and-transition modeling concepts, how to create simple models of landscape vegetation change using the ST-Sim software, and how to run those models and interpret the results.

Option 2: Advanced landscape modeling with ST-Sim. This course is designed for those that have previous experience with state-and-transition simulation models (including VDDT, TELSA, Path or ST-Sim), and would like to learn how to take advantage of the advanced features provided in ST-Sim. The course covers advanced ST-Sim features, including spatially-explicit raster capabilities and the new stock-flow module for carbon accounting.

The two sessions will run concurrently from 08:30 to 16:30 and will include lunch, breaks, a training manual and sample data sets.

Presentations: September 17-18, 2014

• Presentations by scientists and managers from across North America using state-and-transition simulation models. Presentation abstracts will be posted once the Call For Papers closes; however talks are anticipated to cover a wide range of landscape vegetation modelling topics (for example, see the list of presentations from the previous conference).

• Presentation and panel discussion on the future direction of state-and-transition simulation modeling tools.