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2nd State-and-Transition Simulation Modeling Conference

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September 16-18, 2014 in Fort Collins, Colorado

The Second State-and-Transition Simulation Modelling (STSM) Conference was hosted and sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey, and co-sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and Apex Resource Management Solutions.

The conference brought together over 50 users of landscape STSM tools - including ST-Sim and its predecessors (VDDT, TELSA and Path Landscape Model) - to provide opportunities for sharing experiences with different applications of the STSM approach. The conference proceedings have been published as a special issue of the open access peer-reviewed journal AIMS Environmental Science.

The event included an optional one-day training session on the use of ST-Sim, followed by two days of talks by scientists and managers from across North America with a keynote address by Dr. Tom Loveland, director of the USGS Land Cover Institute. Topics included modeling of land use/land cover change, forest and rangeland management, wetlands management, fuels planning, ecological restoration and reclamation, invasive plant management, wildlife habitat management, climate change and carbon modeling. We also spent some time presenting and discussing future directions for the development of STSM tools.

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